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On December 18, 1943, 1946 the Council changed its legal name from "CHATTANOOGA COUNCIL OF THE BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA (THE)" or Chattanooga Area Council, Inc. to "CHEROKEE AREA COUNCIL, INC., OF THE BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA." 



In 1944, W.G. Hughes was hired as Field Executive for the black division of scouting in Chattanooga.


May 11, 1944 - The University Echo - Boy Scouts organize clothes drive, sponsored nationwide by the War Production Board and headed locally by Mrs. Manker Patten.


The 35th anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America in 1945 was observed by the Chattanooga Rotary Club by inviting special guests, including Council President Tom Willingham, Vice President Earl Winger, two Scoutmasters and all scouts of Bonnie Oaks Troop 57, sponsored by the Rotary Club. The scouts showed the Rotarians how to light a fire with flint and steel, and the use of rope in building tents.

Then on Friday night, February 9, 1945, five hundred Boy Scouts representing 25 Boy Scout troops or Sea Scout ships celebrated the 35th BSA anniversary at First Baptist Church auditorium. Awards for outstanding work were presented to 21 local scouts. The Col. William Van Dyke Ochs Awards for 1944 were presented by W. H. Sears, the Council awards chairman. The speaker was Council President Tom Willingham who spoke about the increase in scout activity along organizational lines.

Demonstrations of scout skill were presented by Sea Scouts showing the importance of signaling in communication; the use of flint and steel to start fires, led by Troop 30; and rope games led by Troop 1. Alf Law, Council Commissioner, presided at the ceremonies. It was announced that medals bearing the likeness of Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower would be presented to Scouts who collected 1,000 pounds of paper in the wastepaper drive from March 1 to April 30.


Cherokee Area Council also held a Cubbing Conference on Friday at the Hotel Patten for the purpose of mapping out Cub Scout plans for 1945. The goal set for this year was 600 Cub Scouts, which are about 200 more than in 1944. Leaders attending the conference included Cubmasters, Assistant Cubmasters, publicity chairmen, Cubbing committee chairs, District Commissioners, Cubbing Commissioners, and Scout and Field Executives.


In June 1949, George E. Coward of Erwin, TN was appointed Field Executive.


1949-06-10 - Scout Executive