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The council operated Camp Glancy in 1951 for one year, without a patch.  This has also been used as a Girl Scout camp.  (Some sources state that Camp Glancy was used "for several years, beginning in 1951.")

The Chattanooga Boy Scouts used Camp Glancy for three weeks of camp during 1951, when the dam at Camp Tsatanugi broke and it was determined to be too small for the Council needs. This retreat center dates to 1928, when Mr. and Mrs. Glancy Sherman deeded 27 acres of land between Whitwell and Jasper, Tennessee to the Chattanooga area Girl Scout Council for a summer camp. It operated as a Girl Scout camp from 1929 through 1942 before the need for improvements and the inability to buy adjoining land caused the organization to look elsewhere for a camp. 

Glancy’s most memorable attribute was a swinging bridge over the Little Sequatchie River.  In 1951, everything had to be brought across the bridge to camp.  Two CAC field executives ran the camp.  Vick Vickery was Program Director and George Coward was the Business Manager.  The dining hall was large enough to house all the scouts each week and meals were served on long wooden tables with long benches. 

Camp Glancy is owned today by the Cumberland Presbyterian Church and is available for use by all Christian church, civic, and family groups.

No patches or other memorabilia are known to exist.



1951-05-02 - Glancy is Leased to Scouts in Area

1951-06-13 - Boy Scout Camp Staff

1951-07-03 - Boy Scout Camp Sets Opening Date July 15

1951-07-19 - Summer Season Begins at Scout Camp Glancy
Renovated Camp Glancy ready for visitors

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