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The Blue Beaver Trail was founded by Gustav T. "Gus" Geiger of Signal Mountain, TN.   The trail started at the at the foot of Elder Mountain at the tavern on Brown Ferry Road (Brown's Ferry Landing) and meandered up the side of Lookout Mountain to Point Park.  Later, the trail was modified to begin near or at the old Nature Center (Reflection Riding).

The patch pictured was designed by Mr. Gus Geiger and shows a Union "Beaver" aiming his cannon at Lookout Mountain.  Gus had shared this design with Mr. Ken Humphreys of Shiloh Military Trails fame, who commented in a letter to Gus that "this is the best looking trail patch I have ever seen."  The originals were a Swiss-loom patch, colorful and hard to earn.


Some of the patches feature the letters "GTG," although it looks like "CTC," a reference to Gus T. Geiger's initials.

1962 Inaugural Paperwork and Registration Form

1964 Blue Beaver Letterhead

Post-1965 Trail Map


Pamphlet (Outside)

Pamphlet (Inside)

Pamphlet (slightly different)

1973 Brochure (Outside)

1973 Brochure (Inside)

1977-03-28 - Letter from DOI to Geiger re Blue Beaver Trail

1977-03-28 - Letter from DOI to Deskins re Blue Beaver Trail

1977 - DOI Press Release - Blue Beaver Trail

1977 - Blue Beaver Trail Photo

Another copy of Blue Beaver Trail Brochure

1980-01 - Annual Report of Blue Beaver and Nolichucky Jack Trails

1982 Brochure

2015 Brochure

State Filing of Blue Beaver Trail, Inc.


The Nolichucky Jack Trail is twenty miles long.  It is longer than the Blue Beaver Trail, but approximately 4.5 miles of the Nolichucky Jack Trail coincides with the Blue Beaver Trail. 


1980-01 - Annual Report of Blue Beaver and Nolichucky Jack Trails

Another copy of Nolichucky Jack Trail Brochure

1982 Brochure

2015 Brochure


In the late 1960's to early 70's, Talidandaganu' sponsored a 15-mile canoe trek that ran from near Trenton, GA down Lookout Creek.  The Trek ran north from Georgia parallel and to the west of Lookout Mountain.  The take-out spot was at the foot of the U.S. 41 bridge.


A beautiful Swiss fully embroidered patch was produced to commemorate this trek, which scouts could purchase for $1 upon their completion of the trek.

In addition to patches, several other artifacts have survived related to this trek:

Pamphlet and Registration Form

March 1969 Newspaper Article
Registration Form

Unused Patch Design 1
Unused Patch Design 2

Pamphlet (poor resolution)


This patch is for the "Chattanooga Historic Trail," which was an urban trail in downtown Chattanooga.  The trail was developed by Mark Hickerson as an Eagle Scout project.  The trail featured seven historic sites and is no longer open. 

A 1980 Where to Go Camping Guide published by Talidandaganu' Lodge states:

The Chattanooga Historic Trail features seven sites listed in the National Register of Historic Places: Old Library Building, Old Post Office Building, The Read House, Ross's Landing, The Dome Building, Terminal Station (Chattanooga Choo Choo), Tivoli Theatre. For more information, write Gus Geiger, Walnut Road, Hixson, TN 37343.

Redevelopment in downtown Chattanooga, coupled with low "hikership" lead to the final closing of the Chattanooga Historic Trail.

Chattanooga Historic Trail Brochure

1979-11-04 - 10-Mile Historic Trail Opens in Chattanooga


The Cleveland Historical Hike trail was created as an Eagle Scout project by Robby Peters, Troop 10.  The hike was to various points of historical interest in Cleveland, Tennessee.  

The hike began at Johnston Park and ended at the Holiday Inn North.  The hike had a printed brochure with a brief history of each point of interest.  Locations of interest included Johnston Memorial Park, Cherokee Hotel, Fillauer House, the Post Office, courthouse, Craigmiles Hall, Banner building, Cumberland Presbyterian Church, First Baptist Church, and Broad Street United Methodist Church.  Other places of interest include St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Mausoleum, First Presbyterian Church, the Cherokee Chieftain, Cleveland Public Library, Lee College, Bradley Junior High School, Bradley Memorial Hospital, Church of God world headquarters, Cleveland High School, Cleveland State Community College, and Holiday Inn North (Holiday Inn Hilltop).

The hike was five miles in length and took approximately two to three hours to complete.

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