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Research is ongoing into whether the Chattanooga Boy Scouts operated a camp called Camp Chickamauga in 1944.


Two sources refer to a "Camp Chickamauga":  A 1944 Camp Chickamauga emblem certificate and the April 1945 final report of Charles Peacock.

The Peacock Report states:  

Our camping facilities have increased from the development of Camp Tsatanugi to Rolling Stone and Camp Chickamauga."


Early development of Camp Chickamauga or some better camping site for the white field and Camp Adair for Negroes, in time for summer use.

The Peacock Report makes clear that Camp Chickamauga was distinct from Camp Tsatanugi.


The Council operated Camp Tso-Le-Tsu-Ke in 1945 for a number of reasons, not the least of which were the "endless string of freight and passenger trains roaring past shatter[ing] all illusions of ‘back to nature,’" according to a 1945 newspaper article.  See the Camp Tso-Le-Tsu-Ke page for more information.

Finally, a 1944 newspaper article refers to a camp on Signal Mountain, which could have been Camp Chickamauga.

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