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Roy Bachman


Reverend Roy DeWitt Bachman was Scout Executive from 1918 until July 1, 1921.

In the Fall of 1918, the McCallie School added a "Department of Boy Scout work."  The department was under the supervision of Scout Executive Roy D. Bachman, who was also becoming a regular member of the school's faculty.  Bachman's purpose was to make the course just as effective as the regular work of the school.  Classes were to be arranged to allow for more advanced work upon the part of the Scouts who were beyond the Tenderfoot stage.

In addition to serving as Scout Executive in Chattanooga, he also served as Scout Executive in Tampa, Florida and as Captain (Army Air Forces officer).

Bachman was the son of Rev. and Mrs. George O. Bachman, of Nashville and St. Elmo.  He graduated from University of Alabama and the Southwestern University of Clarksville.  In August 1918, he married Miss Margaret McCutcheon Brown, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C.V. Brown.  She attended Chattanooga High School and Agnes Scott College in Atlanta, where she studied Art.

Bachman was born in 1888 in Salado, Texas and died June 1, 1944 in St. Petersburg, Florida. His grave is located in the Spring Hill Cemetery, Madison Tennessee.

1918-07-29 - Roy Bachman Wedding

1918-08-01 - Roy Bachman Wedding

1921-06-21 - Prof. Gunn on Duty as Scout Executive

1944-06-03 - Former Scout Executive

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