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F.E. Gunn


F.E. Gunn was Scout Executive from 1922 to June 1929.

Frank Eugene Gunn was born in 1877 to Melvin and Peorlina Gunn of Novelty, MO.  He served in the Spanish American war and afterward entered Simpson College (Methodist college in Indianola, IA), receiving a BA degree in June,1903, and was married in Villisca, IA on July 22 of that year to Delia B. Jones of Princeton, IL.

Gunn came to Chattanooga as a teacher in the Hamilton County Schools and by 1906 was Principal of the East Chattanooga School.  Gunn came to Central High School in the 1910-11 school year as an English and history teacher, even though Central already two English and one history teachers on board.  At the end of that school year it was revealed in school board hearings that Superintendent Brown intended to not renew Principal Darrah’s contract and that his main ally was Gunn, whom he had personally appointed to Central. Gunn was bolstered the following year by appointments of Selcer and Rankin to Central by Brown to help end Darrah’s reign. After Darrah had been deposed in 1912, Gunn remained at Central as a history teacher (as Harriett Greve took leave for a masters degree) and instrumental music instructor (replacing Charles Garratt who was booted along with Darrah). Gunn left Central at the end of the 1915 school year (Greve returned the following fall) and took a similar position at City High, where he remained until retirement around 1940. Gunn passed away in Chattanooga on July 31, 1957.  He and Delia had no children.

1921-06-21 - Prof. Gunn on Duty as Scout Executive

1929-06-30 - Peacock Named Scout Executive

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