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Charles Peacock


Charles King Peacock was the Scout Executive in Chattanooga from 1929 to 1945.  He was born on February 20, 1897 in Gallatin, Tennessee.  He died in March 1979.

He maintained scrapbooks during his time in Scouting in Chattanooga that included photos of Scouting life.  Many of the photographs on this website came from that collection.

Peacock graduated from the University of Chattanooga and served in the Marines during WWI and then became an industrial arts teacher with the city schools of Chattanooga.  His Scouting involvement began when he joined the camp staff in 1920 at Camp Raccoon.  In 1922, he was commissioned Scoutmaster of Troop 27, Highland Park Christian Church.

In 1925, Mr. Peacock became Assistant Scout Executive for the Chattanooga Council while still serving as Scoutmaster, and he directed five summer camps from 1923–27.  Mr. Peacock became Scout Executive of the Chattanooga Council in 1929, with the resignation of F.E. Gunn.

Peacock served as president of the Chattanooga Safety Council and East Tennessee Archaeological Society.

In March 1945, Peacock delivered to Council President Tom Willingham this letter announcing his resignation, effective April 15, 1945.  Subsequently, Mr. Willingham circulated this letter to the Council with news of the resignation.  Several news articles reported on his resignation.

1945-03-24 - Peacock Resigns as Scout Leader

Peacock was the son of Charles Lincoln and Mattie Louise Peacock (nee King).  His siblings were Mary T., Margaret L., and James H. Peacock.  In the 1930 census, his occupation was listed as "Executive, Boy Scouts."  Peacock never married.

1929-06-30 - Peacock Named Scout Executive

1960-08-29 - Charles King Peacock

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