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Robert Macnab

Robert C. Macnab was an Eagle Scout in 1922 in Troop 30.  Robert became the Assistant Scout Executive in Chattanooga in 1928, when Charles Peacock was promoted from Assistant Scout Executive to Scout Executive, replacing F.E. Gunn.  The information available indicates he was on the staff of Camp Tsatanugi in 1930, 1931, 1933, and 1936.  He may have served on the staff in other years, too.

Robert served as ASE until approximately 1936.  He then spent one year as Scout Executive in Jasper, Alabama before becoming the Scout Executive of the Eastern Arkansas Council in Jonesboro, Arkansas.  There, he met Rena Marie Rea, whom he married in June 1940 at the First Baptist Church in Jonesboro.  Robert and Rena moved to Tyler, Texas in 1946, but he did not serve as a professional Scouter in Texas.  Robert passed away in 1990.

Robert had a brother, John "Jack" Macnab, who was many years younger.  Jack earned his Eagle Scout badge in 1933 in Troop 18.  In 1921, "Uncle John Macnab" was the Camp Warden at Camp Raccoon.  It is unclear whether this is the same person.

Robert graduated from McCallie School of Chattanooga and attended University of Chattanooga.  He graduated from the 22nd National Training School for Scout Executives at Mount Kisco, NY.

Click here for photographs from Macnab’s collection of Scouting memorabilia.

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