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Richard Savery

Richard "Dick" Savery was one of the first two Eagle Scouts in Chattanooga, the other being Paul Bush.  In late December 1918, Savery passed the written part of the second-class examination.  By May 1920 he qualified as a Star Scout. He earned the Eagle award in 1920 as a member of Troop 3.  Although he was eligible to attend the 1920 World Jamboree, he spent the summer in Coldwater, Michigan and was therefore unable to participate.  In 1921, he served on the staff of Camp Raccoon as Assistant in Athletics.

Richard Gurney Savery was born July 2, 1904 in Illinois to J.D. and Lula Savery.  By 1910, he lived in Chattanooga.

Savery married Betty Cramerding, their engagement occurring in 1929 in Cincinnati, Ohio.  They had three daughters: Judith, Barbara, and Susan.

  • In 1952, their daughter Judith Savery announced her engagement to Edward Fuhrmann, son of Capt. Barbara Fuhrmann and Mr. Carl Fuhrmann of Dayton, Ohio.  Judith died November 27, 1999 in Ohio.  Judith and Edward Fuhrmann had daughter Linda (who in 1976 married Jerry McEntyre - dau. Amber McEntyre) and son Richard S. Fuhrmann (sons Christopher and Nick Luhrmann).

  • In 1956, their daughter Susan Savery announced her engagement to Harry J. Haas (residing in Nashville, TN), son of Dr. and Mrs. Albert L. Haas.  Susan died Sept. 30, 1997.

  • Barbara married a Madden.

Richard Savery died July 13, 1956 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

After Richard Savery passed away, his widow married Gerald Henry Gates on May 30, 1958.  Gerald Gates passed away December 25, 1969.

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