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Morgan Ferrell

Eagle Scout Morgan M. Ferrell was the son of Thomas Shanklin Ferrell and Selena Ferrell.  Both Morgan and Thomas were dedicated Scouters, and upon Morgan's death, his parents funded the establishment of Camp Rolling Stone in his honor.

Morgan was born in 1901 in Dalton, Georgia.

In 1918, Morgan was one of at least three Scouts to earn an award from the U.S. government for selling bonds for the liberty loan campaign.  The campaign consisted of an eight-day house-to-house campaign.  Scouts who sold ten (10) bonds earned the award.

In 1918, Morgan (along with Dr. T.S. McCallie) helped start a new troop in Highland park.  Most of the boys were from Central Presbyterian and Highland Park M.E., south churches.

In 1919, the Scouts participated in a memorial service for the late President Theodore Roosevelt, who died on January 6, 1919.  The memorial service was held at the Bijou Theater.  Morgan played taps.

In August 1920, thirty-five area businessmen attended a weekend camp at Camp Raccoon.  Morgan Ferrell was among the businessmen in attendance.

By 1924, Morgan had relocated to Greenwood, Mississippi.  He and his father purchased the Coca Cola Bottling Plant of the C. E. Wright Ice Company from F. A. Wright, and assumed control of the plant.  One newspaper article indicated that "Morgan Ferrell, who will manage the local plant, is one of the most experienced Coca Cola bottling men in the country, having for a number of years been connected with the business in many of the larger cities."  While in Greenwood, Morgan continued to remain active in the local Boy Scouts there.

Morgan died in 1929 in a plane crash in Greenwood, Mississippi.  Morgan was survived by his wife Lulu Credelle Henderson (b. 1903 d. 1981 in Madison, CT), who later became Mrs. A.D. Whittemore of New York.

Mr. and Mrs. T.S. Ferrell funded Camp Rolling Stone in honor of their son, Morgan.  The camp included "Ferrell Lodge."  Several documents related to Camp Rolling Stone mention the memorial to Morgan.

April 22, 1918 - Morgan Ferrell is Scout

1938 Fact Sheet

1938 Camp Regulations

Usage Form

T.S. Ferrell was a 1943 recipient of the Silver Beaver award.  He died in 1949.

1949-11-16 - Thomas S Ferrell Dies - Civic Leader

1955-02-01 - Mrs T S Ferrell Dies at Hospital

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