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J.S. and W.J. Ziegler

J.S. Ziegler, principal of Central High School, became the first Scoutmaster in Chattanooga in 1910.  Prof. Ziegler spoke at a meeting on November 16, 1910 related to the Boy Scouts and indicated that two patrols had been organized in Hill City and vouched for people "on that side of the river" who would play an integral part in starting the movement.  At the end of the meeting, Ziegler became the first official Scoutmaster in the city.  He was Scoutmaster of the troop for 2 or 3 years before it stopped meeting.

Although it appears fairly conclusive that the first Scoutmaster was J.S. Ziegler, it is worth mentioning that several sources mention a W.J. Ziegler.  Specifically, he is named as the first Scoutmaster in a 1935 newspaper article, and that name also appears in a 1911 article (available below) reflecting his leadership of a troop of boys.  W.J. Ziegler was also affiliated with the school system, including Central Grammar School (The Chattanooga news., July 24, 1920, page 5), which was a North Chattanooga school and distinct from Central High School.

William Jacob Ziegler (W.J. Ziegler) was born in May 24, 1879 and married Nora Varner on September 9, 1906.  They had children Helen and Mary.  He died on April 3, 1962.

1910 Article regarding Ziegler's involvement

1911-12-24 - W.J. Ziegler

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