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George Coward

George E. Coward was a field executve in Chattanooga from 1949 to September 1952.

From Erwin, Tennessee, George was an Eagle Scout and a Scout leader prior to joining the Chattanooga organization.  He joined the Chattanooga professional staff promptly after graduating from Carson-Newman College, following Navy duty during World War II.  His first assignment was to serve the Polk, Bradley, and Hamilton Districts 1 and 4, and to serve as director of volunteer training.

In September 1952, George transferred to Lake Charles, Louisiana, then in July 1956 became Scout Executive in Tupelo, Mississippi before becoming the Scout Executive for the Sequoyah Council headquartered in Johnson City, Tennessee on January 1, 1964.  In 1970 he moved to Memphis to work for the region.  Coward died in 1985.

1949-06-30 - George Coward Named Scout Field Executive

1963-12-9 - New Scout Executive Appointed - Page 1

1963-12-9 - New Scout Executive Appointed - Page 2

1970-12-13 - New Scout Executive for Area

1975-10-30 - Photographer Gets Letter Recalling Experiences 37 Years Ago

1985-11-19 - George Coward Obituary

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