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Aubrey Angel

Aubrey Dean Angel of Troop 23, Central Presbyterian Church was one of the first in the nation to make the remarkable record of becoming an Eagle Scout in the shortest possible time.  Angel became a scout in December, 1922, achieving First Class on March 30, 1923, and passed the Eagle Board of Review on October 18, 1923. One point that makes this achievement so remarkable is that his First Aid merit badge required six months service as a First Class scout before the rank of Eagle could be attained.

It was said of Angel that "he stands out a genuine progressive and helpful scout, always on the alert to perform some helpful service, which is the highest aim of a true scout."  Angel was born September 13, 1907 at Spring City, Rhea County, Tennessee and at the time of his accomplishment, was in his second year at Central High School in Chattanooga.

Angel was the son of City Detective John B. Angel.  Angel died December 27, 1971 in Dade, Florida.

Nov. 11, 1923 - Scout Aubrey Dean Angel Makes Remarkable Record

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