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James L. Fowle


James Luther Fowle served as Council President from 1935 to 1940.  He was a 1939 recipient of the Silver Beaver award.

1934-06-13 - Would Make Fowle Scouts' President

* * *

Fowle served as the 10th pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Chattanooga for 38 years, from 1929 - 1967.  He was also designated as Chattanooga's "city chaplain."

Fowle moved to Chattanooga in April 1929 to accept the position as Pastor, bringing his wife Katherine (Ferguson) Fowle and daughter, Mary Payne Fowle. Previously, he had been at General Presbyterian in Saint Louis, where he had gone after graduating from Princeton Theological Seminary, Union Theological Seminar and completing graduate studies at Johns Hopkins. He also attended Davidson College in North Carolina. Rev. Fowle had previously served as a pastor in Virginia, West Virginia and Texas.

The description of him when his portrait was done by Elmer Wesley Green Grechs in 1956 reads: "Dressed in his customary morning suit with tails, Dr. Fowle is posed with great dignity and power that characterized his being. Large, gentle hands and slight smile demonstrate the kindness he exercised."

* * *

Fowle was born October 14, 1897 in North Carolina and lived in Washington City, Beaufort County, North Carolina as of the 1920 census.

By the 1930 census, Fowle lived in Chattanooga with his wife Katherine, daughter Mary P. Fowle, and nephew Ferguson Wood.  He was listed as a church pastor.

At the time of the 1940 census, Fowle lived in Chattanooga with his wife Katherine and daughter "Mary Payne" Fowle.  He was listed as "preacher" of the "Presbyterian church."

Fowle died November 13, 1978.  He is buried in Forest Hills Cemetery in Chattanooga.

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