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Carey Hanlin


H. Carey Hanlin was Council President from 1981 to 1982.  He was a 1982 recipient of the Silver Beaver award.

Carey was also active in Troop 41 as a Scout in his youth.

In 1938, Carey earned the rank of Star Scout.  As a camper at Camp Tsatanugi, Carey earned the Camp Tsatanugi award.

As a Star Scout, Carey participated in Boys' Week, that year serving as Postmaster.

In 1940, fifteen-year-old Carey Hanlin once again participated in Boys' Week.  Because of his interests, Carey was selected that year to be the President of Provident Life and Accident Insurance Company for the day.  He enjoyed the experience so much that as an adult, Carey worked for Provident and, rising up through the ranks, became the President & CEO of Provident in the 1970s and 1980s.

1941 was a busy year for Carey.  In March of that year, Carey was appointed as Junior Assistant Scoutmaster for Troop 41.  That summer, Carey served on the staff of Camp Tsatanugi, earning the Councilor Emblem.  Later that year, he completed the Introductory Training Course.

In 1941, Troop 41 celebrated its 14th anniversary at parents' night, at which Carey opened the event and closed with the benediction.  The program from that event provided a history of the troop.

1941 Troop 41 Parents' Night Out Program

In 1942, Carey received a letter from Scout Executive Charles Peacock for Carey's graduation from Chattanooga High School and his scholarship to Emory University.

Carey continued to remain active through 1942 and 1943, as demonstrated here with his Scouting personal records from those years.

As an adult, Carey served as Chairman and CEO of Provident Life and Accident Insurance Company.

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